Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy New Year! Again!

I am way too full of tacos to be blogging.

It's Tuesday, and as City University of Hong Kong's de-factor keeper of traditions, I went to get tacos. Solid, mediocre, satisfying tacos. Mexican food is one of the many things that I left behind in the States. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I cannot wait to go back and embrace it with my mouth.

The Lunar New Year has come and gone, and I was graced with a week off from school to enjoy it. I hit up two museums, one island, one district of the city that I've never been to, and a host of other Hong Kong bullet points that I've never reached. It was awesome, and I felt productive. Then I went and jacked up my sleeping schedule again, and now I'm back to sleeping like a meth addict with a mosquito in the room. On the plus side, I'm doing a lot of studying during the day after finding a completely awesome study spot, with a view of the whole city and outlets galore. I actually feel like a student again, after the break.

In the constant battle against culture shock, I think I'm finally winning out for good. Things are bothering me less, I'm more accepting of local habits and idiosyncratic behavior. That is, until I get around exchange students who start the rant train, and then I hop right on. What can I say, I'm persuadable.

I've booked a trip to Malaysia for the spring break. Originally, I didn't have any inclination to travel. Partly due to lack of funds and partly due to every south-east Asian country seeming the same. Most of my knowledge of that area of the world comes from the pictures my friends take and throw on Facebook, which  include... beaches. Lying on beaches, swimming on beaches, drinking on beaches. I think I saw a picture of a rainforest or a city once. Now, a beach holiday sounds great, but I want some culture. I want some experience. If I wanted to get drunk and pass out on a beach, I'd walk down to Victoria Harbour. That being said, I'm going to spend so much time on the beach in Malaysia, but I'm hoping to balance it with a great deal of sightseeing. I'll move my way north through the country, hitting both interior and coast, Eventually I'll move into southern Thailand, and see some areas that I've never seen before. I'm incredibly excited.

Starting to think about work again, after a year-long hiatus. I'm excited for the opportunity to earn some cash back home. I'm also excited for burritos.

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