Friday, June 14, 2013

The Hong Kong Goodbye

I ended my stay in Hong Kong like I began my stay in Hong Kong- hungover. 

So there I was. I spent my last day in Hong Kong sleeping my karaoke hangover off, courtesy of an 8-hour singing bender at some shady cocktail lounge the night before. I was able to summon just enough energy to begin cleaning and packing my year's worth of clutter. After some light meal, I was able to force my poisoned body down to our local pub, Billy Boozer. This mecca of alcohol was the focal point of Monday nights for all the exchange students at City University, and it was my last night. I couldn't say no. So I didn't.
A long (sober) night and dozens of heartfelt goodbyes later, I'm back in my dorm, frantically packing up at some ungodly hour in the morning. Around 4am I finally get all my stuff packed with relative success, and I set off in search of a night bus. In the rain. With no sleep. Needless to say, I didn't find much. What I did find was one of my beloved friends, getting out of a taxi cab for some strange reason at the very intersection I stood drenched at. She gave me some HK dollars and put me in a taxi bound for the airport.

Flash forward one very long day later, and I'm landed in Chongqing, in the Sichuan province of western China. My roommate has graciously allowed me to not only go with him back to his hometown of Chengdu, but also to stay with his family for a few nights. Carrying all my baggage, we take a train and a taxi to his home in the province's capital city.

His family is incredibly hospitable, and make sure that I am well fed and comfortable, but I did not intend to stay comfortable for my last 10 days in Asia. With nothing but a backpack with some clothing, I set out on my Sichuanese adventure.

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