Monday, May 28, 2012

Uphill Both Ways

I can't get my head around this blogging thing. I've got his nagging feeling that my opinion doesn't add anything to the blogosphere, you know? I'm too self aware for this shit, I tell you what. But I'm going to keep at it, not out of a sense of narcissism (that manifests itself in other ways), but because I think it will get better in time. Maybe it's a letting go of inhibitions, maybe I just need to have more concise topics (PCP & the European Union: Time to throw some molotovs), or maybe I need to hike up my ego by 2 or 3 or 11 notches.
Not that I'm insecure, no friggin way. But I'm still clinging to the idea of a public, digital account of this crazy little thing called college idealism.
Heading to Hong Kong in nearly 3 months to the day. You want specific topics? I'm going to have all kinds of crazy crap to throw at you. Hang tight, kiddies, and let's see where this goes.


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