Tuesday, August 28, 2012

International Incidents At Billy Boozer

Get enough exchange kids together and things start to get ridiculous.
It starts to sound like a bar joke, and when you throw an actual bar in, the humor escalates. So 70 Europeans and North Americans jammed into a pub makes for a lot of good moments. Names are exchanged, everyone is trying to understand each other's accents, stories are swapped in the bathroom line. It's a badass time, as long as you don't try to outdrink the Germans.

We spent our evening in Chungking Mansions trying to unlock our phones for use in HK and scored some solid Indian Halal food. It's a beautiful, grungy place, and I highly recommend having a meal there if you ever get the chance. Our friend group is growing, even as people are starting to form cliques. I'm loving it. We're all foreigners here, and it shows. Last night, we explored Mong Kok, the night-time women's market. I've never seen so many goddang Beats By Dre headphones in my life. It's like every factory in China stopped making socks or lucky cats and started producing copies of expensive headphones. That, or a whole cargo ship of them sunk off the coast of Hong Kong and fishermen just use nets to grab them out of the water. I swear, they're everywhere. Every electronics stall, every clothing stall, Beats By Dre. I'm going to pick up a pair soon, just to give them away back in the States.

We're all pretty burnt from continuous Hong Kong shenanigans. Tonight, it's a movie and some quiet time with friends. It's been a great few days, but I'll be happy when everything settles down and we all fall into our grooves. I'm exhausted and I really need to do some laundry soon.

Oh, and a tall boy of Pabst Blue Ribbon is less than 1 USD here. You can travel the world but some things will never change.

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