Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mayor of Lan Kwai Fang- The Birthday

The sweetest sound you will ever hear is fifty international students singing Happy Birthday on a Hong Kong subway. The locals don't agree, but they have different taste in music. But if there was ever a moment that I was happier, I can't recall it.
We started off the night by cramming all four dozen of us into a Hong Kong landmark, Mr. Wong's. This incredibly cheap eatery is highlighted by it's charismatic owner and the fact that apparently you can fit any amount of people into the restaurant. From there, we migrated to Lan Kwai Fang- LKF, the party capital of Hong Kong. A few square blocks of clubs, bars, and boozeries, all catering to an exceptionally diverse crowd of expats, tourists and locals. I've never danced so much in my life. I probably haven't drank that much either. But I kept my composure and enjoyed myself immensely.
As people started finding taxis to take them to their homes, my good buddy had a suggestion. "Why don't we go to Victoria Peak and watch the sun rise?" The most famous precipice in HK, Victoria Peak offers a stunning view of the entire city. So here are we, completely inebriated and finding our way across Hong Kong island. With the assistance of two German businessmen (my language skills came in handy), we found ourselves on the first bus up to the peak.
Seeing Hong Kong come to life, on my 21st birthday, will probably be one of the fondest moments of my life.

The next day, my beautiful friends made me pancakes.

That's a perfect birthday.

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