Monday, September 24, 2012

Dust In The Wind

I'm having an existential crisis. They happen every couple of weeks, and it takes me a few hours to get back on the reality train. While looking for a picture to add to a group project, I stumbled on photos from my first year in college. Looking at the difference in myself, and thinking back on how much has changed and how much has stayed the same, my mind is completely reeling. It's not a unique thought- everyone gets this way sometimes. But, in the same way that a death brings mortality into our view, so too do old pictures make me think about the passage of time.

Granted, I'm 21. I look like I'm 27, and I feel like I'm 16. I've got an absolutely staggering amount of life to live, yet I never want to forget where I came from. It's an incredibly simple sentiment, but I still feel it strongly. And here in Hong Kong, separated from the friends and family that made me who I am today, yet in the presence of the company that will continue to shape me, I'm feeling a lot of emotions. Nostalgia primarily, excitement for the future, and worry that I'll take the time for granted as it goes flying by. I'm already in my fourth year in college. I live in a country that's almost completely foreign to me.
Things are happening. And they're happening quickly.

I'm going to learn a lot about myself in these coming months. My character will be broken down, rebuilt, fortified. It's experience and passion, and both change daily.

I just hope I can catch some glimpses of my stay in Hong Kong as the time goes flying by.


(Don't ask)

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